Valley Irrigation to Display the New Bender30™ at Farm Progress Show

Valley Bender30™

VALLEY, Neb. (Aug. 25, 2010) — Valley Irrigation will display the new Bender30 option on a full size 8000 series pivot at the 2010 Farm Progress Show Aug. 31-Sept. 2 in Boone, Iowa.

The Valley Bender30 option increases the number of acres a grower can irrigate at a low cost. With the ability to bend any drive unit at a 30-degree angle, a grower can easily wrap a tree line, feed lot or avoid obstacles in the field allowing for maximum irrigated acres.

By bending his Valley center pivot at the third regular drive unit, Joel Bergman from Loomis, Neb., was able to pick up additional acres next to his cattle yard. “The Bender30 allowed me to wrap our existing center pivot up next to the feed lot picking up a rather large triangle of land that otherwise would not have been irrigated,” Bergman said.

The Valley Bender30 will easily retrofit existing center with no structural changes required to the machine, even bending at multiple locations on one machine.

“The Bender30 may very well become one of our most popular pivot options,” says Wade Sikkink, Valmont Irrigation product manager. “With few additional parts, a Valley dealer can retrofit an existing pivot or design a new machine to maximize irrigation potential. Optional water shut-off valves will shut off the sprinklers on the stopped spans while the bend continues to irrigate.”

With the focus on Precision Irrigation, Valley Irrigation continues to outperform the competition with an exclusive speed-up timer function on the Bender30. This feature improves the center pivot’s water application while in the bent position.

Producers can see the new Bender30 option at the Valley Irrigation Farm Progress Show booth, No. 1023. Following its launch at the Farm Progress Show, information about the Bender30 will be available at local farm shows through spring 2011.