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Welcome to Pivot Irrigation

Pivot Irrigation and Pumping are specialist suppliers of Irrigation and Pumping Equipment. We specialise in the design, supply, installation and servicing of Centre Pivot and Lateral Move Irrigation systems, Pumping Equipment, Telemetry control, Water meters, Fertigation and Pipelines.

We are well located to service the irrigation and pumping requirements of customers in Northern NSW and Southern QLD with branches in Gunnedah NSW and Goondiwindi QLD.

The business distributes Valley Centre Pivots and Lateral Moves which are recognised as the leaders in the field, providing innovative products which stand the test of time in the field.

The business prides itself on utilising the latest technology to provide efficient irrigation solutions to our customers.

Our aim is to deliver irrigation systems that incorporate the best in design, product performance and after sales service. This allows our customers to be the most efficient with their water resources, and gain a strong return on their investment for the long term.

Centre Pivot and Lateral Move Specialists



AgSense® Remote Irrigation Management

Precision Irrigation Technology

AgSense® remote irrigation management products use digital cellular technology to remotely monitor, start, and stop a centre pivot. Think of AgSense as a remote farm management solution. You can monitor and manage farm components through any Web-connected smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

And everything is managed by WagNet®, a global network built specifically for the ag industry. WagNet (Wireless Agriculture Network) captures data, aggregates it, and delivers it back to you, so you can put the information to work. It provides unlimited, real-time remote management for just about everything related to your operation.

Field Commander® Ultimate Precision Irrigation Package

This package combines various AgSense technologies into one kit for unmatched versatility in remote monitoring and management of virtually all irrigation equipment, regardless of brand, age or current capabilities.

The Field Commander® Ultimate package allows growers to remotely monitor and precisely control centre pivots and pumps, along with monitoring flow, pressure and weather. Capabilities include Variable Rate Irrigation and custom prescription programming by growers or their agronomists. Soil moisture monitoring can also be added.

Field Commander

The Field Commander is a GPS-driven, centre pivot monitoring and control tool that provides real-time information and up-to-the-minute alarms to your cell phone, smart phone or computer.

  • Works on all brands and vintages of pivots and panels
  • Allows remote implementation of your irrigation prescriptions
  • Provides cable theft monitoring
  • Turns your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer into a “Virtual Control Panel”


The new AgSense CommanderVP, which replaces the Valley TrackerSP, provides full remote monitoring and control of your centre pivot and control panel, including start, stop, speed, Variable Rate Irrigation, wet/dry control and auxiliary ports. New features include the ability to program and control end guns remotely; automated control of pumps via CropLink; inputs for optional equipment to report rain, temperature and flow; and optional monitoring and alerts for wire theft in progress. CommanderVP offers a broad range of user-selectable text and email alerts, and comprehensive historical reporting of run times, pump on/off, gallons pumped and acre/inches applied of water. A field-changeable cell modem makes it compatible with virtually all cellular providers around the globe, as well as preventing changing cell technology from making it obsolete.

Crop Link®

Crop Link® gives you the ability to monitor and control multiple farm devices from one place, giving you a better idea of what is going on in your field.

  • Monitor and control remote irrigation wells
  • Record flow and pressure
  • Hook up multiple weather sensors for up-to-date remote weather information

Aqua Trac

Aqua Trac gathers data from soil moisture probes and delivers it you through WagNet.  You can easily implement irrigation decisions based on soil profile moisture content from your computer or smartphone.
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