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Farmbot Monitoring Solutions Take the Guesswork out of Measuring, Analysing and Controlling Water

Whether you’re looking to measure water levels for stock tanks, dams, irrigation channels or monitor the flow or pressure in your water pipes, we have cost-effective solutions to meet your needs. Across the country, our monitors are relied upon to safeguard the welfare of hundreds of millions of dollars of livestock and crops, by making sure farmers have adequate water supply at all times.

Farmbot is Australian owned and operated, and our products are manufactured right here in Australia. We work closely with farmers on the design and development of our monitoring solutions to ensure that they will work in the real world and not just in the lab. At Farmbot we believe peace of mind comes from knowing you’re in control of your water assets so your livestock and crops can flourish.

Farmbot Monitors — Developed with Australian Farmers in Mind

Developed specifically for the agricultural industry, Farmbot solutions provide visibility and control over your water assets, for a more sustainable and stable water supply.

Whilst we utilise global best-practice technology and innovation, our monitors are engineered to withstand the harsh Australian outback and our services are developed with the needs of Australian farmers in mind.

  • The data you need at your fingertips
    Access near real-time data via your mobile phone or computer to track your water availability and stay in control of your water assets 24/7. View the status of water levels, trends in consumption and warnings of potential issues. Our sensors use satellite technology or 3G/LTE and are guaranteed to work anywhere in Australia, so you can trust that the data is reliable and readily accessible, wherever you are.
  • Early detection of faults and leaks
    We monitor your data trends around the clock to help you identify potential problems caused by system issues and changing demand. Farmbot’s timely SMS and online alerts ensure you can address any potential issues as they arise. Most importantly, you can have peace of mind, knowing Farmbot’s got your back.
  • Simple to use
    Farmbot monitors are renowned for their ease of installation and maintenance. They take less than 10 minutes to install and are operational immediately – no technicians or complex setup needed. Our monitors are tough and durable, designed for Australian conditions. They are lightweight and can be easily relocated from one place to another if required.
  • User-friendly dashboard
    Our online dashboard is intuitive and effective. At the touch of a button, you can access detailed water level history and rainfall via a range of easy to understand, interactive charts. We continually improve our user experience to make it as easy as possible for you to access the information you need.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
    At Farmbot, we stand by our product and service, but we’ll provide a money back guarantee within one month of purchase if you’re not completely satisfied.


Tank Monitor

Dam/Turkey’s Nest

Channel Monitor

Pressure Monitor

Flow Monitor

Measures water levels in stock and storage tanks. Display data in height in centimetres and as a percentage full. Combine with our automatic rain gauges to measure rainfall over any given date range. Hydrostatic and ultrasonic sensors available. Monitors the amount of water in large, open bodies of water. Data provided in megalitres and percentage full. Monitors the water flow in irrigation channels using ultrasonic sensor technology. Monitors pressure (water and other liquids) up to 2500kPa.
Detailed line pressure history is provided to help manage system performance and identify problems.
Precision monitoring of flow in water pipes. Detailed flow level history is provided to help manage system performance and problem determination.


How Do the Numbers Stack Up?

We think Farmbot monitors are a no-brainer, because we’ve seen first-hand the benefits they provide farmers in terms of efficiencies, increased productivity and cost savings. Our research shows that tank/reservoir manual inspections can be reduced by over 75% after installing Farmbot monitors. But don’t take our word for it.

To help get you started, check out our cost savings calculator at which will help provide transparency of the actual costs of manually inspecting your water supplies.

Our friendly team are more than happy to step you through a cost-benefit analysis of purchasing and maintaining a Farmbot monitor.