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Since its 1974 introduction, Valley® corner machines have been irrigating square, rectangular and odd-shaped fields…efficiently and economically. The steerable corner arm lets you match the unit to your field’s configuration. You can irrigate more of your acres! Along the way—20 million hours of operation in more than 5,000 different applications—Valley has made continuous improvements, assuring that the Valley corner you buy today is the best on the market. You can order your Valley corner configured to specifically match the needs of your field.

From the manufacturer of the world’s first center pivot corner irrigation machine, comes the Valley® Precision Corner™. A Valley Precision Corner helps you earn extra income from the land you already have. No matter what crops you raise, the Valley Precision Corner takes those corners and other acres that are now wasted, and puts them into production—for far less than the cost of acquiring more land. For example, on a square quarter-section, the Valley Precision Corner enables you to irrigate an extra 23 acres (9,3 hectares) that a center pivot alone can’t reach. On odd-shaped and irregular-shaped fields, you can add as many as 49 extra acres (19,8 hectares). On rectangular fields, the Valley Precision Corner can swing out to pick up both ends, adding an extra 37 acres (15,0 hectares). Bringing this extra land under irrigation enables you to increase your gross income. ‘‘Do the numbers’’ for your own operation, and you’ll discover the Valley Precision Corner or Valley Corner are investments that pay for themselves in just a few growing seasons. This means added profit for you!

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How the Valley® Precision Corner™ Delivers
Irrigates the whole field Simplified design eliminates need for complex mechanisms that were previously
required to compensate for speed differentials between Last Regular Drive Unit
(LRDU) and Swing Drive Unit (SDU). Plastic cams and mechanical switches
have been replaced with control software that doesn’t wear out.
Irrigates the whole field Sprinkler sequencing is no longer just monitoring the corner angle and mechanically turning on the sprinklers. Sequencing is now optimized by Compu-Spray™ software that accurately calculates the area being irrigated under the corner arm, based on corner angle, pivot length and corner movement. More sprinkler sequences than any other corner arm improves water application uniformity and delivers better crop yields. Operation of machines without pressure regulators has been enhanced by software that continuously adjusts the speed, based on available pressure.
Irrigates the whole field Crop protection chemicals and fertilizers can now be uniformly applied while using a fixed-rate chemical injection pump. In the “Chemigate” mode, software continuously adjusts the speed, based on the area being irrigated. A rocker switch on the Operator Interface panel allows you to select between “Irrigate” and “Chemigate” operating modes.
Irrigates the whole field Longer 205’ (62,48 m) span (287 ‘ [87,48 m] with overhang) provides greater coverage. The Valley Precision Corner can lead or trail to better fit specialshaped fields. An additional sprinkler package, the “Water Utilization Package,” turns on when the corner arm is extending away from the fencerow. This package distributes the end gun water over the corner arm which allows the Valley Precision Corner to extend faster and deliver the additional water required under the corner arm just before the end gun turns on. This package delivers 15% more water to approximately 4 acres (1,6 hectares) of cropland that other sequencing designs typically under water.
Travels over high slopes The Valley Precision Corner handles the same field slopes as all other span joints. A wider wheelbase gives more stability for rough ground applications. The proven underground guidance provides track-on-track repeatability and reliability, and allows you to irrigate odd-shaped fields and around obstructions.
Electronic diagnostics Easy-to-use control panels on the Valley Precision Corner indicate the cause of safety shutdowns. Test switches provide a quick check of proper sprinkler operation. The LED screen is easy to read in all light conditions. Rocker switches allow the operator to recover from many safety shutdowns without a service call.
Faster revolution time 16.9 x 24’’ (60.96 cm) tyres allow for faster revolution time. Easily adapts to standard or high-speed operation. High-torque variable-speed drives ensure reliable, high-speed operation even over rolling terrain and deep furrows.

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