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Leading the industry with the widest irrigation choices

When making decisions that affect your yields and bottom line, look to Valley to provide you with exactly the equipment and technology you need to achieve maximum productivity. Valley provides you with the widest range of irrigation equipment in the industry for all different field sizes. Going head to head with the competition, Valley equipment consistently outperforms when exposed to a wide range of settings simulating the everyday rigors you face in the field. Tested for safety, durability and strength, Valley beats the competition, giving you the most value the industry has to offer.

Valley corner machines have been irrigating square, rectangular and odd-shaped fields efficiently and economically. The steerable corner arm lets you match the unit to your field’s configuration. You can irrigate more of your acres!

The versatile DualSpan is engineered to suit the requirements of specialty crop growers while saving time, labor and water by simultaneously irrigating two areas of a field at once, providing precise water application and improved crop management.

A single span engine drive is the ideal option for irrigating small fields up to 6 acres wherever electric power is not readily available. All sprinkler packages are available to deliver efficient water applications with low water pressure providing significant energy, labor and water savings.