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American Made. Valley Strong.

Reliable water delivery is too important to entrust to anyone less than the leader in precision irrigation. Valley Irrigation is the only irrigation company that designs, engineers, and manufactures its gearboxes in the USA. The patented Valley gearbox is the cornerstone of the centre pivot and linear machines whose reputation for reliability stands tall worldwide.

The Valley gearbox is designed and built to work under today’s most demanding growing conditions:

  • Stronger, heavier bull gear
  • Pre-loaded worm gear
  • Shaft seals to keep oil in and problems out

Exclusive Valley gearbox input and output seals are standard on all new Valley equipment. Existing machines can be retrofit.

Gearbox Tests

Made in the USA.

Gearbox Ultimate Output Torque Test. Accelerated Gearbox Life Comparison.
*Input torque at failure, locked output. *Valley standard high load endurance test
*Valley standard accelerated life endurance test.

Note: Test results based on a head-to-head comparison in a controlled environment.

Gearbox Video