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Superior structures made with Valley vision

When making decisions that affect your yields and bottom line, look to Valley to provide the structural strength you need to achieve maximum productivity. Valley machines have been put to the test against all types of field conditions. Going head to head with the competition, Valley machines consistently outperform when exposed to a wide range of settings simulating the everyday rigours you face in the field. Tested for safety, durability and strength, only Valley beats the competition, giving you the most value the industry has to offer.

Valley engineers provide the expertise and vision to create elements within the structural design that ensures the field loads are distributed uniformly throughout the structure. Uniform loading combined with the best drive unit design makes Valley pivots the most resistant to ruts, twisting, as well as pull-out and pull-in loads. Through engineering excellence, Valley pivots are long-lasting structures that bring a return of long-term value to your operation.

Valley Spans

  • 109’ to 205’ (33,2 m–62,5 m) spans—built to last
  • Pipeline and truss rod arches maintain even distribution of weight and loads
  • Full contact of truss rod head in socket for even loading
  • Polyurethane gaskets for longer leak-free life
  • Locations of truss angles provide even loading on each angle, especially important with uneven terrain

Valley Pivot Point

  • Full set of braces on all four sides are standard for strength and stability
  • Optional pivot flex available for rolling ground applications
  • Corrosion-resistant sleeve rotates smoothly within riser seal.
  • Triple lip Teflon impregnated seal for leak free operation
  • Positive contact of brushes in collector ring ensures reliable transfer of power to drive units
  • Optional access ladder makes it easy to lubricate swivel and to make mechanical position control adjustments
  • Optional Stainless Steel riser pipe and Delrin seal nipple are available for corrosive water applications

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