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A perfect match for smaller fields, the Two Wheel Linear stretches your investment with mobile field-to-field applications, allowing you to follow crops during the growing season.

Valley Two Wheel Hose Delivery

  • Easy swing-around capabilities and/or forward/reverse towing
  • Eight span maximum
  • Furrow or below ground guidance
  • Choice of alignment

Valley Two Wheel Lateral

Water Source: Pressurised pipeline
Power Source: Cart mounted genset or power cord
Guidance: Below-ground or furrow
Typical field sizes: 10-80 acres and 50-800 gpm
Typical flow rates: 200-900 gpm and 12-88 lps
Gensets: John DeereĀ®, CaterpillarĀ®, IsuziĀ®
Hose sizes: 4 & 6 inch HDPE 120 & 150mm

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