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Irrisys specialises in process control, one way and two way remote control systems, pump protection, custom PLC control and water transfer management. No matter what your irrigation needs Irrisys allows you to automate and control all aspects of irrigation pumping and monitoring offering you unequalled irrigation support. By doing this you will be able to manage your water more efficiently and safely.

Your irrigation equipment, crop, water and time are all valuable. By investing in an Irrysis system that suits your needs, whether it is the most basic or a complex and custom designed, you will be able to protect these resources, providing more efficient farming. The Smart WaterMark Approved Pump Guard provides a superior yet simple method of pump protection monitoring all aspects of your pumps performance. The Pump Guard uses sensors installed on and around the pump to make shutdown decisions to protect your pump, crop and water supply.

As well as creating water saving Irrisys systems can allow you to save energy, time and money. Traditionally a farmer would have to make several trips between and irrigator and a pump just to set up and start an irrigation run but with the installation of a simple Irrisys control system farmers are able to start the pumping remotely or program the pump to start at a later time. If your irrigation system looses power at any stage in the run, Irrisys SmartStart function allows your irrigator to start again either from where it left off or begin the complete run again, depending on your situation.

Irrysis also specialise in star delta starters, soft starters and VFDs. The Irrisys Remote Pressure Control System (IRPCS) incorporates Irrisys sensing and control with VFD to give you the ability to only run your pump at the required duty for the position of the irrigator at any time rather than run the pump at the maximum duty for the whole run. By doing this you will save large amounts of energy, lowering the cost of irrigation.

Irrisys are constantly designing customised systems for people that are in need of control solutions. We are always looking to start new projects, and develop new solutions with others from the irrigations industry. A recent example of an Irrisys customised system is the water transfer system developed at a Tasmanian dairy farm. Before the development of the Irrisys control system, the farmer had to start his pump manually and then open a series of valves to fill four water tanks, guessing when pumping needed to be turned off due to travelling distance between tanks and pump. This left the farmer either wasting water (by the tanks overflowing) or not having full tanks. Irrisys developed a system that has automated this whole process for the farmer, now tanks fill automatically, giving the farmer more time to concentrate on other areas of his farm and saving water.

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