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Choose your sprinkler package for precise and efficient water application.

You want to make sure that every inch of water applied on your field is done so in a manner that is “uniform across the field” and “efficient”. Uniformity ensures that you get the most yield for every inch of water applied, which is very important given the value of your crops. Efficiency is also extremely important because of our challenge to use the resource wisely and appropriately.

NEW! Valley Irrigation to Offer Variable Rate Irrigation

Irrigators all over the globe now have easy access to Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) from Farmscan through over 460 Valley Dealers worldwide. The Farmscan VRI product is a patented technology that started in Australia but which has been operating in the States for over 8 years.

VRI allows irrigators the ability to precision irrigate those zones in their fields that may differ due to different soil types, ponds, or change in crop. Zones can be defined as anything from individual sprinklers, groups of sprinklers, half spans, to full spans. VRI is currently available for Centre Pivots only.

As sole distributor in the US, Advanced AG Systems will provide sales and service support to the Valley Dealer network.

Deciding on the correct water application solution is vital to your pivot’s performance. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Soil type (and texture)? – Proper sprinkler design and selection helps reduce soil sealing with medium to heavy soils
  • Crops to be raised? – A significant issue with sprinkler head design is its ability to penetrate the crop canopy
  • Terrain of field? – The slope of your field must be considered when choosing sprinklers to minimise runoff, keeping water where it does the crop the most good

Using those answers you will be able to discuss options with the water application experts from Valley to determine how to reduce energy cost and save water. In addition, you will know that you have selected the best water application solution to increase your productivity and profitability.

Correct Spacing
Each sprinkler head must be positioned correctly to maximise the delivery of water. The overlap of the sprinkler pattern is a critical factor. Valley accomplishes the optimum spacing through computerised models that ensure uniform application once the sprinklers are installed in your field.

Low Pressure Sprinklers Conserve Energy
Low pressure sprinkler technology provides solutions that lower your energy bill, because you irrigate at lower water pressure. You can effectively operate sprinklers at 10-20 psi which is significantly lower than previous generation sprinklers. Your Valley dealer can help you select the correct sprinkler to use to reduce soil compaction, reduce sealing and create excellent infiltration of the water into the soil profile.

Crop Protection and Fertilizer Application
Growers can realise substantial savings when crop protection products and fertilisers are applied through centre pivots and linears rather than ground rigs or aerial sprays. This is especially true in the case of crops that require several applications in the course of a season.