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New sprinkler technology provides efficiency and uniformity

Valley Dealers are highly trained experts in water application and conservation. Professional sprinkler packages designed with the exclusive V-Chart software makes your Valley dealer the best choice for a new or replacement package. Uniformity and efficiency of water application are critical to your irrigating needs. V-Chart, in combination with extensive Valley dealer training, will match up the latest sprinkler technology to the soil type, crop(s) being raised and terrain of your fields. The result is more complete piece of mind while enjoying improved soil infiltration, less wind drift, increased water savings and reduced water runoff.

Valley Irrigation supports dealers with our own staff of sprinkler engineers and application specialists to assist in the design of sprinkler packages. The water application staff is qualified as Certified Irrigation Designers (CID) by the Irrigation Association. They can quickly certify a sprinkler package design for EQIP approval.

VRI allows irrigators the ability to precision irrigate those zones in their fields that have different soil types, ponds, or change in crop. Zones can be defined as anything from individual sprinklers to groups of sprinklers, half spans to full spans. VRI is currently available for centre pivots only.

Application Efficiency and Uniformity:

  • Precise, computerised sizing and spacing of nozzles ensure application uniformity
  • Low-pressure sprays operate as low as 0,4 bar (6 psi), saving horsepower, energy, and money
  • Application efficiencies can reach 95%, depending on the sprinkler package design
  • Valmont offers sprinklers from various manufacturers, including those designed by Valley for Valley machines, Senninger, Nelson, Komet, and others