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PVC has estbalished an enviable reputation as the material of choice for infrastructure applications in both pressure and non-pressure pipelines. With a service history dating back to the 1930’s, industry has recognised the many benefits of PVC – material strength, corrosion resistance, high strength to weight ratio, ease of handling and installation together with excellent flow characteristics. Developments in plastics for pipeline systems have made many improvments available.

Vinidex has been at the forefront of developments, notably the development of Supermain® PVC-O pipe which requires less energy to produce than conventional PVC. Molecular orientation enhances the mechanical properties of the material and the pipe requiring less raw material allowing for energy efficient production The smooth bore of Vinidex Supermain® PVC-O pipe allows high flow rates making them an ideal and efficient carrier of water for water and wastewater purposes.

Vinidex offers a range of pressure pipe and fittings systems suitable for pressure applications:

  • Polydex® PVC-U Pressure Pipe RRJ
  • PVC Pressure Pipe and Fittings SCJ
  • Hydro® PVC-M Pipes
  • Supermain® PVC-O Pipe
  • Borecasing Pressure Pipe
  • Yellow Gas Pipe