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Observant C2

Cornerstone of the Observant System, the C2 provides long-range telemetry capabilities allowing sensor data from remote locations to be recorded and transfered. The C2 is feature-rich, fully self contained and environmentally robust.

M1 Engine Controller

Adding the capability to manage diesel and petrol engines of any type is easy with the M1. Simple and reliable with flexible configuration options, the M1 is able to monitor, control and protect the most basic stock-water pump through to large-scale irrig

L1 Level Sensor

The Observant L1 is a simple and robust water level sensor designed for use in dams, rivers and tanks. The Observant L1 is resistant to fouling and scale build-up, allowing it to operate in muddy or highly mineralised water without fault.

Observant Desktop

This easy-to-use Observant software runs on any PC or Mac computer, enabling a visual up-to-date account on all the equipment connected to the Observant C2 unit.