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For over 25 years, Grundfos has been a key player in the Australian and New Zealand pump market and has allowed customers to select from pumps and pumping systems which cover a wide range of irrigation applications. Nature, it is often said, is truly amazing. With the right combination of sun, soil, temperature and water, plant life can flourish. Sometimes, however nature can use a helping hand. Adding water through irrigation has been practised for thousands of years. Irrigation can enhance both crop quality and quantity and it can even do so in areas where precipitation already can sustain agriculture.

Pumps for all applications:

  • High volume transfer pumps (raw water supply/reclaimed effluent pipeline)
  • Low volume transfer pumps (raw water supply from storage dam)
  • Tank fill pumps (raw water supply/ground-water)
  • Irrigation pumps (surface water)
  • Irrigation pumps (ground water)
  • Fertigation pumps